Hileman Park Heroes—Launch Day

The Santa Clara Community Foundation has officially adopted Hileman Landing County Park. Tim Foelker (SCCF board president) signed the work plan agreement with Lane County on Thursday, March 23rd, and picked up tools for Saturday’s inaugural Last-Saturday-of-the-Month regular work parties to begin serious park rehabilitation. (Please mark you calendars.)

Neighbor Arlene G. arrived with a beautiful smile on her face.

Of course, we are doing the hard work of invasives removal and cleanup around the entrance. It won’t be long, though, until we can plant some native trees/shrubs and move further into the park. Jerry Finigan (below) won first prize for the largest blackberry-briar root yet!

Some of these blackberry corms have been rooting for many decades.

We had eight volunteers—a great turn-out for an inaugural event—and we engaged with a dozen or so park visitors and, often, their pets. These visitors deserve thanks for the fabulous job of keeping the park clean the last year or so. We filled only a tiny bucket of trash and doo on this day!

The diligent pond-bank team, from left to right: Peter Thurston, Tim Foelker, Amy B., Khloe, and Margo.

Our next event is scheduled for May 27th. We are skipping April 29th, because that is the day of the Awbrey Park Wildflower Celebration. Join the neighborhood there for wildflower tours, tables, food, music, and fun.

Then join us in May for a shift. We’ll be working from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Choose a time that works best for you. Tell your friends and neighbors, and follow the park’s progress in your media.

Rich K. (left) and Jerry Finigan prepping the park gate area for planting.

The Santa Clara Community Foundation would like to thank Kate Perle, from the nearby Small is Beautiful Farmstand (and SCCO president!), for creating and displaying the excellent road sign for the event. Plus, Jodi Low, Lane County Parks Volunteer and Marketing Coordinator, for creating the shift sign-up, and getting tools and gloves for us.

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