SCCF Board Member Application

Part A: Personal Information

You are not required to be a resident or property owner in the Santa Clara neighborhood to serve on the Foundation’s board of directors.

To fill out a paper application please download, print, and complete this form and get it to us.

Our Vision: – “We envision a future of abundant community involvement, where people feel connected to this place, and see themselves as active stewards of equity, land and water, and sustainable economic activity. Investing in voluntary partnerships, the Santa Clara Community Foundation is a catalyst for restoring resilience in our neighborhood in harmony with its diversity and associated natural systems.”

Part B: Potential Skills

Part C:

Explain why you wish to serve on the Santa Clara Community Foundation Board and how the mission of the Foundation resonates with you.

Part D: Availability

Part E: Other Supporting Items if Applicable

Any current or previous job experience that aligns with Foundation goals?

Supporting Documents

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Part F: Authorizations

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