SCCF Board of Directors in 2024

Thel board of directors of the Santa Clara Community Foundation comprises the following members (began service):

  • Tim Foelker, president (2021)
  • Jerry Mohr, secretary (2021)
  • Tom Dodd, board member, acting treasurer (2021)
  • Howard Malcom, board member (2021)
  • Kathleen Allison, board member (2023)
  • Kevin Reed, board member (2024)

The Foundation’s voting members, also known as the Stewardship Council (Bylaws, ARTICLE III.) are the board of directors of the Santa Clara Community Organization (SCCO), the long-running independent neighborhood association recognized by both the City of Eugene and Lane County. Those members vote-in (or out) any new or existing SCCF board members, and must approve changes in bylaws or other fundamental aspects of the Foundation. A list of those members can be found here:

Board of Directors are referenced in ARTICLE IV of the SCCF Bylaws. Terms of directors are described in Section 5 of ARTICLE IV.

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