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This was a free workshop, but I did not get specific permission to share it. It is quite a large file so if you are using mobile data, take care.

SCCF Organizational Meeting, June 28, 2021

The meeting was held on Zoom.

The meeting was called by the Board of Directors and the Incorporator.

The notice for the meeting was given more than two days in advance by phone or in person or more than seven days in advance in writing and mailed by first class mail.

The directors present for the meeting were Tim Foelker, Tom Dodd, Jerry Mohr, Howard Malcolm.

The directors absent for the meeting were Darcy Davis.
The other person present at the meeting was Cordelia Daniels, legal counsel.

A Quorum was present because there are currently 5 directors on the Board and 4 of them were present at this meeting.