Santa Clara Timber for Sale and Use!

The Santa Clara Community Foundation has acquired the timber from a recent removal of large Douglas-fir trees along River Road by Lane County. The whole cut logs were donated to the community by Lane County with the stipulation that they be used to benefit the neighborhood and citizens of Santa Clara.

The Santa Clara Community Foundation board, along with the Santa Clara Community Organization (SCCO), has chosen to make the timber and associated milled lumber an asset of the Foundation. This is so that we can donate wood directly to community-related projects and/or sell some wood to obtain funding for such projects. Prices will be calculated based on current lumber market prices with discounts depending on the nature of the intended project. All proceeds from sales of wood will go toward Foundation projects that benefit Santa Clarans.

The SCCF board will have the final say on any purchase agreements. Let us know if you are interested, or have a community project in mind. Write us at with your requests, ideas, and proposals.

Santa Clara Timber waiting to be milled.
Part of the current stock of large lumber.
Some of the lumber available for community project use, or for sale for other projects.

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