The Schoolhouse Project

Built in 1901, this supposed one-room schoolhouse was slated to be demolished as the newly minted Santa Clara Community Park was being prepared for development. The Santa Clara Community Organization (SCCO) in Eugene, Oregon, has decided to try to restore and preserve this local iconic house to serve as a community space open to all sorts of activities both public and private (possibly rentable by the public).

Toward this end, the SCCO board agreed to the formation of a non-profit 501(c)3 entity to allow fundraising and proper legal standing for agreements with government bodies. Thus The Santa Clara Community Foundation was born in 2021.

Follow our progress and please leave your comments as we move forward with this project. Send an email to to ask about the project, or about volunteer opportunities.

If you like this project, please consider becoming involved. Email:

If you would like to drive by the house it is located on the north side of the new Santa Clara Community Park, which is behind Madison Middle School.

Address: 990 River Loop 2, Eugene, OR 97404.

The “Old Schoolhouse” after a remodel circa 1980.
An overhead shot when the house was a rental.
The building today, 2022. Yes, it needs work. Let’s get to it!

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