The Working Relationship Between SCCF and SCCO

SCCF: Santa Clara Community Foundation (a 501c(3) nonprofit corporation)
SCCO: Santa Clara Community Organization (a neighborhood association)

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In a nutshell:

SCCF is an independent 501c(3) corporation. The Foundation’s “voting membership” (called the Stewardship Council) comprises members of the SCCO board. The Stewardship Council votes to elect (or, potentially, remove) Foundation board members, and also votes to approve substantive changes in the Foundation’s bylaws.

The Stewardship Council (i.e., the SCCO board) has no other obligation than that above and does not participate at all in decisions made by the Foundation board in the course of doing their nonprofit corporate business. However, the Stewardship Council may occasionally be called in if there is irreconcilable internal conflict between Foundation board members that may only be resolved with external input by the Stewardship Council.

I know it’s probably still a little confusing, but it’s an excellent and proven legal structure. It allows SCCO some control by being able to put in place (or remove) people of known integrity, but still allows the Foundation board to independently fulfill its mission to the organization in the way that it sees fit [without undue interference].

Tim Foelker, Board President
Santa Clara Community Foundation
P.O. Box 41292
Eugene, Oregon 97404

// —— A Community-Supported Neighborhood Organization in Eugene, Oregon. The Santa Clara Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. —– //

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