Apply to the SCCF Board of Directors

Help us make the Santa Clara neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon, all that it can be by applying to be on the Santa Clara Community Foundation (SCCF) board of directors. Almost anyone who supports the mission of the Foundation is qualified to serve on its board. You need not be a current resident of Santa Clara, or even live in the area.

[Please note SCCF is not the Santa Clara Community Organization (SCCO) which is part of the neighborhood association network in Eugene. However, the board of SCCO is responsible for electing board members to the Foundation.]

Serving on nonprofit boards does require some commitment, and we are always looking for anyone with leadership or organizational skills, bookkeeping or financial knowledge, grant-writing, or project management experience at any level. These aren’t required at all but will greatly enhance your nomination success.

Please download and fill out the form below, or duplicate the information in the body of an email. Send your application to:

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