SCCF Board of Directors, 2021

The esteemed inaugural board of directors of the Santa Clara Community Foundation are as follows:

  • Tim Foelker, president (541-689-8897,
  • Jerry Mohr, secretary
  • Howard Malcom, treasurer
  • Tom Dodd, board member
  • Darcy Davis, board member

The Foundation’s voting members, also known as the Stewardship Council, are the board of directors of the Santa Clara Community Organization (SCCO), the long-running independent neighborhood association recognized by both the City of Eugene and Lane County. Those members vote-in (or out) any new or existing SCCF board members, and must approve changes in bylaws or other fundamental aspects of the Foundation. A list of those members can be found here:

If you would like to apply to become an SCCF board member please visit this page, and follow the instructions. The Nominating Committee of SCCO will evaluate and forward to the SCCF Stewardship Council (i.e., the SCCO board) for a vote.

SCCF Board Meeting, 7/19/21

The recording of our official July meeting—once we decided that the 3rd Monday of the month will be out regular meeting time. The main agenda item was to vote on the final draft of our counter-proposal to the city of Eugene’s original draft lease agreement for the Schoolhouse property. Unfortunately, we did not have a quorum and so a vote did not take place. It was agreed that we would vote a quorum by email.

In attendance were:
Tim Foelker, president
Jerry Mohr, secretary
Tom Dodd, board member
Jerry Finigan, Stewardship council
Kate Perle, Stewardship council

Howard Malcolm, treasurer
Darcy Davis, board member

SCCF Official July 2021 Meeting recording (non-quorum)

SCCF Board Meeting, 7/8/21

The meeting had an informal agenda to discuss the current state of the proposed agreement with the City of Eugene and SCCF to lease the underlying property at Santa Clara Community Park, and to own and voluntarily refurbish the schoolhouse structure into a thriving community hub.

This building, while seemingly derelict, has great potential as a community resource.