Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to inspire and support voluntary stewardship of the Santa Clara Community in support of all residents’ welfare along with the ecological health of its natural systems.

  • We believe that a healthy environment, a robust economy, and an active community are inextricably linked.
  • We believe that community stewardship is reliant upon on a combination of community involvement, education, sound science, and social justice.
  • We believe that a strong stewardship ethic enables us to leave healthy community connections and viable natural resources for future generations.
  • We believe in working across urban, suburban, rural, and natural areas to achieve dynamic functioning relationships and ecosystems.
  • We value our relationship with all who voluntarily join to improve neighborhood livability and habitat enhancement projects.

In north Eugene, Oregon, west of the Willamette River, from homes to farms, parks to gardens to ponds, backyards to schoolyards, Santa Clara Community Foundation is cultivating strong neighborhood ownership of the community’s health. We envision a future of abundant community involvement, where people feel connected to this place, and see themselves as active stewards of equity, land and water, and sustainable economic activity. Investing in voluntary partnerships, the Santa Clara Community Foundation is a catalyst for restoring resilience in our neighborhood in harmony with its diversity and associated natural systems.


The purposes of the Corporation are exclusively those allowed for organizations defined under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Within these limits, the purposes of the Corporation include the following:

To engage in charitable, scientific, literary, and educational activities and projects for the benefit of the Santa Clara community in Lane County, Oregon.